Key Themes

The meeting is intended to generate discussion about best practices and innovation along the medical education continuum. Themes to be explored include:

Transition to Residency

  • Screening and selection: The rise of holistic review?
  • Virtual interviewing: Benefits and challenges to the upcoming recruitment season
  • Technology in medical education: innovations, new norms, and future directions
  • The (radically) changing landscape of licensure exams:  What's next for applicants, certifying bodies, and programs?
  • Impact of COVID: Reflections
    • Programs: the new reality for training interns and residents
    • Students: early graduation and impact of early pathway to clinical training
    • Residents: training in a crisis and struggles with exposure, cross coverage, and isolation
  • The big picture: The importance of data in understanding the transition to residency


  • Students and residents at the table: Engaging learners in developing responses to COVID
    • Solutions addressing impact on patient care
    • Solutions to challenges posed to education/curriculum
  • Trainee perspective: Has COVID impacted their sense of well-being?
    • Access to and utilization of mental health services
    • Changes in rates of attrition, depression, suicidal ideation
  • Faculty development: Improving teams and cultures to promote resilience and minimize burnout

Implicit Bias

  • Diversity in Training
    • What does that actually mean?
    • Why is it important for trainees, physician workforce, and patient care?
    • How are schools and programs fostering awareness and accountability around bias and institutional racism and sexism?
  • Gender Discrimination
    • Research around teaching equality and patient care/safety issues
    • Ensuring gender equity in the academic and clinical environment
  • Faculty development: Strengthen teaching to address bias and strengthen communities


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